Relieve the Stress of Holiday Travel

The holidays can be a great time to travel to see family from all over; with San Antonio being such a military city, we are proud to help lots of personnel with their airport transportation needs to get home to all over the United States. Our city is lucky in that the San Antonio International Airport has many amenities for nationwide as well as international flights. Since ‘travel’ is such an aspect of our business, here are several tips on ways you can relieve the stress of holiday travel:

Plan Ahead
traffic and flight delays can make an easy trip into a nightmare. Trying to coordinate out-of-town guests that are arriving by airport transportation can be an additional headache when flights get delayed. You may not even know how to check a flight’s status, and could end up sitting at the San Antonio Airport waiting for an arrival, when your guest won’t be there for several more hours. How frustrating! With our airport transportation service, we will coordinate for all incoming arrivals with a black car service or SUV ready and waiting, no matter when your guests will arrive.

The only thing more frustrating than dealing with busy airports and traffic delays is luggage. When you’ve spent hours on an airplane in transit to San Antonio, the absolute last thing you want to is deal with lugging around a lot of baggage. Our chauffeurs will be at baggage claim ready to assist with loading any luggage you may have, and helping streamline your exit from the busy airport.

Parking Troubles
Parking at the airport for departures can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful when it doesn’t have to be. Even long-term parking for 3 days is more than a typical airport transportation black car service with Stone Oak Limousine. Additionally, you are missing out on the luxury of curbside drop-off and pickup; be ready to walk with all of your luggage from wherever you end up finding a parking spot! Although security at the San Antonio International Airport is excellent, your car is probably still safer in your garage at home, not to mention the inevitable door dings from inconsiderate people parking next to you.

Streamline the Process
TSA PreCheck is a great resource for limiting your time standing in line; for more information, see their website here:

For a list of additional amenities located at the San Antonio International Airport, as well as a great ticker on the homepage showing the current parking capacity and security waiting times, see their page here:

Call us today to see how Stone Oak Limousine can make your upcoming Christmas season travel as easy as possible – we’ll take you there!