Corporate Transportation in San Antonio


Corporate group travel can be discouraging at times when it is in its planning stages. Once you have organized a list of who is going and what is needed to make it all happen, you are then faced with logistics. Sorting out logistics requires a lot of processes. One of the most important of these processes includes negotiation with hotels and travel agents to get quotes. This may in some ways might look easy, but it is often the most time consuming part of the whole process. You will have to make different calls and maybe expect to get a tiny discount for your efforts of playing phone tag with several hotels and travel agents. After which you will have to make different bookings with deposits. But at the end of the day, the group travel that is planned ends up being spent in the hotel rooms and conference rooms. Sooner or later, you get to find out that the group travel at best happened on the flight where everyone was together, and unless you book black car service or limo service with us, valuable time spent in transit is lost.

Corporate transportation is important for the employee engagement and relationship management in the corporate world, but what if the whole travel experience can be made better by engaging the services of a Limo rental service? There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from choosing a Limo over a normal car in a corporate group travel; some of them are detailed below

Constant Connectivity

All work and no play can give you and your team a dull travel experience. But with a limo, throughout your corporate group business trip, your team can bond. Staying productive as an executive is vital!  A limo offers reliable ground transportation, ensuring that you can function smoothly while traveling from Point A to Point B.  Without the distraction of managing traffic and arrival times, you’ll never have to worry about falling back on your daily tasks. Managers and team leads also can develop camaraderie and learn about their peers and subordinates by taking the time to chat with them. And with a limo service, you’ll have plenty of time to talk, share your work experience and build confidence. This is especially true if you are on a long trip.

Comfort and Safety

A limo can carry six to ten people or more. A sedan can easily carry 4 persons and a stretch SUV like our Escalade ESV can comfortably accommodate many guests. It is easier to hire a limo than several cars to move around a larger group. The whole party can travel together in a limo and coordination may not be needed. For group travels, if everyone goes to and from the same location, limo service is much easier to coordinate. You don’t have to make sure everyone is going to their destination and that the stress of traffic jams is eased off with people around. Parking for everyone who arrives in individual cars can also be avoided. In a situation when a trip is already stressful for clients or employees, getting them in a secluded moving luxury transportation service vehicle is the best remedy for them.  Plus if you happen to be a VIP that needs security details, you might be reducing cost and increasing safety by letting all security details focus on one car. Driving on the road is a lot of risk. Hiring a limousine service makes sure that you and your corporate peers are in safe hands. All that is left for you to do is calm your nerves and allow the companies that you will eventually hire do what they do best. This is most important if you’re going to a new town or city.


If you can host a face-to-face session while traveling, why hold a phone meeting? You can talk business issues with peers as though you were in a conventional conference room when you travel through a limo. You can also hold international meetings in a limo. Limo service group travel also enables customers and salespeople to interact and build relationships. Reuters’ surveys found that traveling alone and away from the family contributed to the stress of business travel. A limo allows employees to spend more time together; reducing the amount of time spent traveling alone. Choosing limo services can also give partners extra time to discuss and perfect a presentation or develop an action plan. Any time that an employee does not have to spend driving can be used for business, improving productivity.

Personalized Services

This happens to be people’s favorite part in using our limo or black car service for corporate group travels. You can simplify the management of business expenses with a limo. Instead of filing individual claims for mileage, cab fares or arranging rental cars for all travelers, a limo allows you to take care of transportation in a single invoice for the entire business party. On top of that, you get to personalize every single part of your journey. Maybe there is a particular song or movie that you and your peers share as favorite. Then talk about the wines and the food, the list goes on and on. Not only do you have access to a loaded drink station, but you also have complete control of the state-of-the-art entertainment system inside the vehicle.


To conclude, hiring our limousine service enables you to concentrate on the objective of your group business trip, whether it is facilitating the ease of transport of your employees or concluding a major contract. You’re not going to have to worry about organizing travel, making sure cars are where they need to be at specific times, or any of the other logistical issues that might come with traveling to a new city or state. Your chauffeur and our limo service will take care of all these details so you can focus on everything you need to focus on.

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