Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Transportation Service

There are numerous benefits attached to hiring the services of a corporate transportation service company. One is the need to pick up a client from the airport with quality services that you wouldn’t get from a car on a normal basis. It might not necessarily be a client that needs the services- it could be you or members of your organization going on a business trip.  Or it might be just a means of transportation to dinners, conference meetings and partnership meetings. Regardless of your business’s needs, Stone Oak Limousine is the ideal choice for corporate transportation and limo services in San Antonio.  Here are four of those benefits to using our limo service:



When it comes to travelling, the most important factor to consider is safety – the safety of yourself and safety of your traveling companions. With a good corporate transportation service, safety is assured. For all trips, or other destinations, we have up-to-the minute information on traffic and other road hazards, to deliver you and your clients to your destination in the quickest and safest manner possible.  All you have to do is sit back and relax!

Luxury and Comfort

Luxury is key for any VIP or corporate transportation service; we take pride in giving our clients the best customer service that they will not find anywhere else. A reputable corporate transportation service conveys a sense of elegance, class and professionalism. It provides the customer with a sense of belonging. If you happen to be running on a tight schedule, a corporate transportation service can help maintain your schedule. If you need a pick up for your client from an airport, rest assured that they will be well attended to. Driving in an unfamiliar city can also pose some safety issues. Even if you consider yourself a secure driver under ordinary conditions, you may not be at the top of your game while traveling, especially with the traffic and congestion of San Antonio. You may need to leave for the airport late at night or early in the morning, implying driving in the dark and perhaps with little or no sleep. You may be distracted by a GPS or by reading signs from the highway if you are unfamiliar with the region you are in. If you’ve ever tried hailing a taxi on a busy road in the town, especially if you’re in a hurry, you’ll know how frustrating it is. Let’s not even talk about having to get a parking space to park your rented car. For self-parking at the San Antonio International Airport, it is at least a 15 minute walk to your destination.


There is a lot of convenience in using a corporate transportation service; not only is there space for you to prepare or decompress before your arrival or meeting, you are also able to receive emails and calls on the go without it being a distraction to driving.  How about emergency stops or requested detours?  No problem.  You might urgently need to get something back at home or at a shop. Also, professional chauffeurs pride themselves on knowing the best routes, traffic conditions and how long it will take to arrive to a destination. A chauffeur can meet the traveler at the airport, help gather and load luggage, and make sure they get to the hotel or conference as quickly as possible. Convenience is the watch word for our corporate transportation service as your maximum satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Impress VIPs and Clients

We have a myriad of transportation options both for executives and VIPs within your company, as well as important clients or guests from out of town. One cannot overemphasize the importance of making a first impression on arrival at events, and with the variety of luxury cars provided by our corporate transportation services; you can be well assured that you will be making a grand entrance. If you are expecting important guests and you need a good VIP treatment for them to get that much closer to closing the deal, you will need a professional handling in the area of transportation. With a good corporate transport service you can provide first class VIP service that will leave them feeling special!


A lot of people are of the opinion that a corporate transport service is expensive. But if excellence is what you desire, expensive as a tag would be worth it. It may cost more than the average cabs or car rental services, but it is definitely worth it in the long run; both in the impact you will have with clients and ability to delegate all of your transportation needs to Stone Oak Limousine. Call us for all of your corporate transport service needs, and see why Stone Oak Limousine is the #1 choice for limo service in San Antonio!